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Advice needed for pain in my left lower leg while I train for a marathon

I am training for a half-marathon (my first) but I'm having problems with my left lower leg. I can't quite put my finger on it but the pain is steady and increasing over time. I don't want to stop training but I'm worried I'll make whatever the problem is worse. What do you suggest? Lower leg (below the knee) pain accounts for more leg problems than anything else (other than knee problems) in both competitive and recreational athletes. What starts out as an acute (short-term) problem can become ...

Marathon Training - alone or group?

I’ve decided to run a marathon! Should I train alone or with a group? As a marathon medical director, I find everyone has her/his own favorite ways to exercise and train. Because of busy schedules and individual preferences, some people enjoy running on their own at their personal time and pace. This is the way to go if you prefer an exact schedule or if you’re a disciplined runner. On the other hand, seeing people at the finish line who have run and trained together celebrating thei...

Does Running Cause Arthritis?

Does running cause arthritis? This is always one of the biggest concerns for older runners, especially when the knees start to ache with running. Epidemiologic studies show both positive and negative support for a link between osteoarthritis and running. Certainly, impact exercise, such as running and jumping sports, theoretically apply more force to the joints and can lead to degenerative changes. However, the direct relationship of running and arthritis is difficult to quantify. An MRI study ...